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On an Oracle database, can I display all the views that are currently set.

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GRANT SELECT on all tables in a schema. Oracle could implement a schema level grant.Analytic Views are one of the main features for Business Intelligence introduced with Oracle 12c Release 2.If it is enabled at the tablespace level, then all tables and materialized views in the tablespace.

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How to list all the tables created in oracle. how to create views on tables and wat r they very new to oracle.pls help me.

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Indexed views and Oracle. Sections. Share this item with your network:.LOCKS Current locks or latches plus pending lock or latch requests.Demos, Syntax, and Example Code of Oracle Database Editioning Views.

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This procedure refreshes all materialized views that have the following properties: The materialized view has not been refreshed since the most recent change to a.

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Rollback segment states are OFFLINE (not yet aquired by the instance), ONLINE, NEEDS RECOVERY (contains uncommited transaction data whcih cannot be rolled back since datafiles are inaccessible or corrupted), PARTLY AVAILABLE (contains in-doubt transaction data) or INVALID (dropped rollback segment which will be reused when new rollback segments are created).

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So you want to grant select permissions on all tables and views in a given schema to a.

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Use the following script to find out the views which are referring to a particular table. SELECT o.

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Oracle Database provides information about all of the tables, views, columns, and procedures in a database.In Oracle we have a collection of built in views that can be used to get information about database objects.When I spool it in sqlplus, I am not able to get the full text in the file.How To Make It Work: If it is not possible to rewrite your query using any of your existing materialized views, Oracle has a tool which will suggest brand new.The DICTIONARY view shows a list of all data dictionary views in the database.

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The DICTIONARY view shows a list of all data dictionary views.Question - you have a view definition of the following format:.Oracle Apps Guy: How To Get All The View That Are Referring To.REFS REF columns and attributes in object type columns of all tables.Note that views with the word RESOURCE apply to database profiles.When working with views you have several options to hide some of the data.

REPDDL Arguments which do not fit in a single replicated log record.

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Copying views from one database to another. The best way to move just views from one database to another is to reverse engineer.

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Hi I have mny databases of oracle, hv to list all schema in each database. View All Topics. listing all schemas in oracle.

Oracle provides, within the data dictionary, a view that you can access to see the composition of all of the data dictionary views.

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Is there any oracle query which gives you database, instances, users and privileges by running.

REPPRIORITY Values and their corresponding priorities in all priority groups.This appendix includes the gateway data dictionary views that are accessible to all users of an Oracle database.In Oracle we have a collection of built in views that can be used to get information about.I am a user of crystal reports 2008 connecting to an Oracle database.WAITERS All sessions with users awaiting a lock held by current session.